Indices & cost escalation tools

MEED Cost Indices provides a range of powerful analytical and reporting tools to help you find, interpret and contextualise relevant data. Graphically display your data for presentation, or download the raw data for processing with your organisation's own systems and tools.

Tender Price Index screenshot

Tender Price Index

This independent index uses data from accepted tenders, lowest or second lowest bids and final accounts.

  • Quickly switch between graphical and tabular views or annual and quarterly data.
  • Advanced reports allow you to build a custom index for your project.
  • All indices include a forecast which allows you to plan the execution of your project more effectively.

Location index screenshot

Location Index

Compare price indices for different locations - for example, you can compare how price indices changed in Dubai versus Abu Dhabi; or how Dubai compares with the rest of the nation.

As more countries are rolled out, you will have the ability to compare cost indices for any city included in MCI’s coverage. This will enable you to apply the insight you gain in multiple environments.

Market Spend Report screenshot

Market Spend Report

To complement the price indices, MCI offers a unique tool to view future spend in the construction sector through the market spend report.

  • Market spend analysis can provide comparisons on location, asset class or project status.
  • Filter input data on location, asset class or status.
  • Understand the impact of future demand on the cost of construction.

Building Block Index screenshot

Building Block Index

Only MCI offers the ability to build an index that is relevant to your discipline. Use the building block report to compare changes in specific line items that are normally part of the tender documentation.

For example, if you are an MEP contractor, you do not really care what the price of concrete has done over the years. You will be more interested in items that you require in your field of expertise.

LME Index screenshot

LME Index

MCI provides you access to spot rates for construction metals such as steel, aluminium, copper and more through the LME index.

  • Data is sourced daily directly from the London Metals Exchange (LME). Items such as electrical cable are highly influenced by the global copper rate.
  • Formulate accurate estimates and reduce the risk associated with cost fluctuation.

Contractor Cost Index screenshot

Contractor Cost Index

MCI tracks more than 20 items with various specifications in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The rate of change in these items is indicated in the contractor cost index and allow for a rate of change comparison.

  • Materials include various grades of aggregates, asphalt, bitumen, cement, concrete, electrical cable, marine plywood, rebar, safety barriers, & street lights.
  • Equipment rental rates for tower cranes, man hoists, graders and more.
  • Diesel rates and labour rates for skilled & unskilled employees.

Contractor Current Rates screenshot

Contractor Current Rates

Only MCI provides you with the average unit rates paid for key materials, labour, fuel and equipment by contractors in Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE.

  • The contractor current rate report is updated monthly from more than a dozen contractors in each of the countries.
  • Materials included are used in infrastructure projects (bitumen, asphalt) as well as building projects (cement, concrete – various strengths, rebar – various diameters, etc).

Cash Flow Tool screenshot

Cash Flow Tool

MCI provides you with useful tools to quickly gauge the “health” of your project. Use our cash flow tool to see how your projects funds will be disbursed during the construction cycle.

Escalation tool screenshot

Escalation Tool

Use the MCI escalation tool to calculate the amount that needs to be allowed for in your project to cover cost fluctuations which are not covered by contingency. The escalation tool uses either the MCI cash flow as basis or users can enter their own cash flow if available.