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Tender Price Index

Make sure your tender includes the right escalation!

This is an index of price changes in bid submissions in the UAE with 2002 as the base year. It will help you to:

  • Understand how tender prices have changed over time
  • ​Allow sufficient escalation in your tender so you don't pay for ​price changes from your profit
  • Use the index as an independent reference when negotiating

tender price index index of price changes

Cost Indices

Understand the past for a better future

Index of changes in the cost of materials, labour, equipment and fuel in the GCC to contractors with 2013 as the base year. The ​contractor cost indices will benefit you with:

  • Finding out how costs of critical ​resources in the supply chain have fluctuated
  • Using historical data to be prepared for the future
  • Rate reports to help you make informed future pricing decisions showing average tender prices for 30 different supply chain elements

Cost Indices Index of changes in the cost of materials, labour, equipment and fuel in the GCC

Cash flow and valuation tools

GCC cash flow index

The cash flow index show how monthly cash flow changes for each of the GCC countries. This is an indication of construction activity in each country.  The base year for the cash flow index is 2008.  This index shows the per cent change since January 2008. You can use this index to:

  • Quickly check how construction spend in the market has changed each month
  • Identify which markets are growing quicker than others

cash flow and valuation tools The cash flow index

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