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MEED Projects provides a service to a wide range of industries and functions within these businesses. Our customer base spans a total of 3 continents, covering companies from suppliers to financial institutions.

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  • MEED Projects platform user feedback

  • MEED Projects has kept me very interested in the market and has been anamazing experience for me. Customer support is always very friendly and it has been a pleasure working with the team. They have all contributed to my amazing experience. The entire platform is very informative and it has been a big benefit for our sales and marketing sector. We find the Contact Researcher tool very valuable by receiving contact details of decision makers in projects. This gives us the opportunity and advantage to connect with these important people.

    Firas Ghader Area Manager, Sales & Marketing – SYSTEMS International Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.
  • We use MEED Projects mainly for oil and gas projects. A very useful feature is the companies and contacts section under every project profile. This allows us to procure information on key contacts so that we may submit our proposals to them. The data that MEED Projects provides is complete and its to my satisfaction in terms of what I need. In case I require any additional information, I make use of the contact researcher function which is very helpful as well as contacting my CSM directly. This is beneficial because it saves me a lot of time. The support team has been exceptional. Combined with the information on the platform, we have been able to secure new clients and we were able to submit our proposals to these clients that we would have not known of.

    Sohal Revankar
  • MEED Projects is one of the finest and reliable platforms available for market intelligence and its subscription has been proven to be a very useful to make market analysis in term of upcoming and ongoing projects in various sectors. Its features, like easily keep tracking of contractor activities, project status/progress, help a lot in business development. MEED Project has a very user-friendly interface which enables to track projects easily and save your custom searches to keep myself updated with contractors’ activities and project progress, which is a key element in terms of business development, specifically for our services scope. I would definitely recommend it, since the major privilege of MEED Projects is market analysis that is the key factor in any kind of business development and MEED Project can provide reliable information upon which we can set/fine tune our prospects/objective.

    Muhammad Naveed Saeed , Sales and Business Development Lead Gulf Strategic Partners WLL - Pipeline & Process Services
  • MEED platform helps us to improve the efficiency of client visits. Earlier we were depending on cold visit and it was never always successful. With we get to know which client to visit. With MEED Projects we understand which project is with which client. It is very important and this feature I like most. I believe the combination of real time project intelligence along with excellent support offered by MEED team, especially Karim Abdelazim proves useful for me always.

    Eng. Rohith Thaikkat , Technical Sales Engineer- Valves International Union for Trade Co.
  • I would recommend MEED Projects to any organization pursuing projects. It is value for money when you have multiple team members subscribed and if your team can leverage various features which will serve as a reminder for you to act upon as the project evolves. I am able to understand the project title, scope, key players and timelines earlier in the project phase, which helps me to prioritize, engage early and allocate time and resources optimally.

    Biji Thomas, Meggit
  • THANVEER ABDUL RAHIMAN , Relationship Manager - Contracting Finance Dubai Islamic Bank
  • AHMAD SAMARA , Business Development Manager, Water & Energy Solutions Technology
  • AYAZ AHMED SHAH , User Sales Manager - Africa Cummins
  • JUNAID MUBASHAR , Executive Research Descon
  • ALEXANDER AOUN , Regional Commercial Manager Oracle
  • ANISH CHATURVEDY , Marketing Manager Ducab
  • We use MEED Projects to identify new projects, communicate them to the appropriate people in our organization and to download data so that we can do market segmentation analysis. MEED Projects helps sales to pursue individual opportunities and provides market data to various consumers

    MARCUS OATES , Executive Vice President – Proposals Siemens LLC
  • As a Saudi bank in the U.S., MEED Projects keeps me informed of activities in the Kingdom and the surrounding GCC region. It identifies companies from the Americas that are active in Saudi and the region.

    MICHAEL MEISS , General Manager Riyad Bank Houston Agency
  • I cover the construction and industrials sector in MENA and use MEED Projects to track active and tendered projects which drive momentum through backlog and demand growth. I pushed the company to keep our current subscription of MEED - that said, I would recommend the portal to colleagues.

    CHRISTINE KALINDJIAN , CFA, Associate Director - Equity Research Arqaam Capital
  • We use MEED Projects because of its comprehensive information regarding projects and companies involved, during all projects’ stages. It helps us in growing our regional knowledge and to work closely with owners and consultants during early design assuring our products, systems and technologies are known and specified if needed.

    IZABELLA HIJAZ , Sales Excellence Manager Middle East, West Asia, CIS, Africa - BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC
  • I used MEED to track projects, research market size, identify companies of interest. This is especially helpful when we approach new markets.

    WILLEM HORN , Product Manager - Protective Coatings AkzoNobel Middle Eas
  • We use MEED Projects to gauge economic activities and it helps us to estimate GDP growth. I would definitely recommend it to my friends or colleagues.

    MOHAMMED M ALSABBRY , Economic Expert Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Qatar
  • MENA is one of the areas of main interest for our company and MEED Projects allows for a high level monitoring of the trends. We use it mainly for the assessment of the market evolution in MENA (volume of prospects and awarded contracts), for company profiling (track record) and for spot enquiries on the status of a project.

    GHINZANI PAOLO CLEMENTE , Sales Manager Saipem Spa
  • MEED Projects is a reputable and trusted source of market data. It allows me to contact potential clients as early as possible and prepare internal reports. Also the research team and company support is excellent.

    NIHAD AL-HASHEMI BSC , Business Development Manager RMD Kwikform (Al Maha) Qatar W.L.L.
  • “MEED Projects allows our sales team across the region to track upcoming projects quickly and efficiently, saving time and helping us to effectively target potential customers. It has certainly played a role in developing our market knowledge and it's continuing to support rapid growth in the Aconex business.”

    Peter Hedlund , General Manager , Middle East
  • MEED Projects, rich in project data provides us with comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate project information to monitor industry development opportunities. The regular alerts it provides, helps us to track the upcoming projects in an effective and efficient way ensuring greater focus on our preferred area. In other words, MEED Projects is the best tool to keep a close watch on projects activity in the region

    Toby Sizeland , Toby Sizeland, Chief Officer Corporate Solutions - Marine & Large Risks
  • The best projects tracker available in the region.

    Muhammad Zafar Karim Khan
  • I find MEED Projects the most accurate and up-to-date project data base in the MENA market. In our organization MEED is used on a daily basis by the sales team, to target and contact the right companies and the concerned person. At the management level, MEED Projects helps us with strategic future planning.

    Naghmeh Kavousi , Regional Sales Manager
  • MEED Projects is an excellent tool for Ducab as it helps our sales department access updates on the latest GCC projects market in great detail. Their research team does a great job in keeping Ducab abreast with reliable information on movements in the projects from inception to completion.

    Ashish Chaturvedy , Marketing Manager
  • MEED Projects is an invaluable source of information that gives us deeper insight into the project market. Not only is the data comprehensive, but also timely and reliable. It is undoubtedly one of the superior tools that provides such in-depth market intelligence on project activities in the region.

    Sana Kapadia , VP - Equity Research
  • MEED Projects is very useful, especially for the marketing department because it contains most projects to be issued, or in executing. You won't miss any good information on the projects you are expecting. Furthermore, the accuracy is so high that you can solely rely on MEED Projects when you do business in the MENA region.

    Kijung do Alfredo
  • MEED Projects is an invaluable market intelligence source for our Group. Our business development teams use it on a daily basis to determine the status of current, pending and new projects across the region. There's no other service that provides the information MEED Projects does.

    Chris Gordon , Group General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Al Habtoor Leighton Group
  • A must have market intelligence tool for business development professionals.

    Adeel Abid
  • The projects information is up to date and very informative.

    Hans Van Lier
  • MEED Projects allows Saudi Aramco to effectively evaluate our capital resource program. In concentrated markets such as the Middle East, we have to compete harder to get the best resources. Having the complete MEED Projects package ensures we have full visibility of the projects market and the correct balance of contractors working on Saudi Aramco's projects.

    Minh Branton , Supervisor - Information Technology
  • MEED Projects has been a crucial to our navigation throughout financially difficult times. MEED Projects has allowed Unibeton to effectively forecast and align its growth strategy for the coming years in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The regular updates have increased our first to market advantage for new projects allowing Unibeton to properly match our environmental and technical products to project requirements.

    Robin P Jones , Director: Strategic Business Development & Marketing
  • MEED Projects is a very comprehensive and well organised market information source to monitor project developments in the region. Our business development teams use it to get timely updates on the opportunities in various sectors, enabling Schneider Electric to plan and focus in a better way.

    Irfan Mufti , Marketing Manager
  • MEED Projects helps us to identify business prospects in the region and analyse market trends. Their research team does a great job to keep us abreast with reliable information on movements in the projects from inception to its completion.

    Arnoud Kuis , Area Manager
  • If you want to find a project from its very early stage, you should use MEED Projects.

    Ahmad Koumaiha
  • Customer Success training feedback

  • The session had sharpened my vision on how to add value to our business’ needs and what to start with first.

    Glad to see the “Customer Success Manager” role in MEED, and I would quote the UAE’s govt initiative by describing you with “Customer Happiness Manager” for the patience you have shown while satisfying & covering what was important to my role and mission. Wishing the success to come for all of us.

    Thank you for introducing @Muaz Nwer, it was much appreciated, as he brought further trust to MEED’s intelligent services.

    ABDELRAHMAN AYOUB , GCC CRM Manager - Sales & Marketing Future Pipe / ENOIA Management Limited (Supplier)
  • First of all thank you for hosting the Guardiar team at your offices, which by the way are very nice.

    The training you, Charley and Muaz provided to us was absolutely first rate. We all came away far more knowledgeable than when we first arrived and I know having spoken to the Guardiar team they are very confident that your service will bring us business development success.

    We still have a long way to go to fully understand your platform and we will be kindly asking for further tuition and fine tuning to find those important projects.

    Please, always keep something new.

    JAMES LANGFORD , Managing Director - Oil and Gas Guardiar/Betafence (Service Provider)
  • That was a good meeting last Monday. You both have all reasons to keep a smile on your faces :).

    At first, I worried at bit about get nothing new since I got one training before, then came the “contact researcher”, “glossary”, “analysis features”. These put the smile on my face.

    Please, always keep something new.

    JEAN-ELIE GUILLAUME , Sales Manager Martrade Group
  • Thanks a lot for the session today. You were of great assistance and shed light on some of the useful tools that MEED has to offer.

    I believe MEED Projects is one of the most useful tools I have ever used in the market. I truly appreciate your time and effort today. Of course I will bother you every now and then until I become an expert in how to utilize the system and get the most out of it.

    RAMY SAMIR , Business Development Manager KCC Engineering & Contracting CO. (Contractor)
  • Thank you for conducting a fantastic and very useful training session today.

    It was really helpful in understanding new features of MEED Projects and that how to get maximum benefits from our subscription. From our discussion during the training session, I can assume that we will be able to grasp a lot of business opportunities and developing contacts with our potential clients. I hope that when we will be more conversant with all features of MEED Projects portal in coming days, I will be able to give you further feedback accordingly.

    Thanking you and I appreciate your good self for delivering an interactive and informative training session.

    MUHAMMAD IMRAN FAROOQI , General Manager Ammico (Contractor)
  • I would like to thank for the time you have spared to us last Thursday, regarding the training session. We found it to be so beneficial and knowledgeable to us. We will start using the new options and features learned and are already available in the system, whilst surfing for new upcoming projects and business opportunities.

    We shall approach you in case we might have any further query, as agreed.

    MUHANNAD AYASS , Director – Operations Kuwait Insurance Company (Service Provider)
  • Many thanks for the time dedicated to provide the training.

    I am very happy about the detailed information and accuracy of the data. We covered in one hour almost all the essential points and you guided me through the database and how to use it.

    The session was very valuable and as discussed I will ask my colleagues to arrange the same.

    I think that after some time and after having used the database, I will need a refresher session. Looking forward to our next session. Many thanks for your support.

    GEORGE BERETSOS , General Manager Gulf Cryo (Supplier)
  • Feedback from MEED Subscriber Briefings