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  • “MEED Projects allows our sales team across the region to track upcoming projects quickly and efficiently, saving time and helping us to effectively target potential customers. It has certainly played a role in developing our market knowledge and it's continuing to support rapid growth in the Aconex business.”

    Peter Hedlund, General Manager , Middle East
  • MEED Projects, rich in project data provides us with comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate project information to monitor industry development opportunities. The regular alerts it provides, helps us to track the upcoming projects in an effective and efficient way ensuring greater focus on our preferred area. In other words, MEED Projects is the best tool to keep a close watch on projects activity in the region

    Toby Sizeland, Toby Sizeland, Chief Officer Corporate Solutions - Marine & Large Risks
  • The best projects tracker available in the region.

    Muhammad Zafar Karim Khan,
  • MEED Projects is an excellent tool for Ducab as it helps our sales department access updates on the latest GCC projects market in great detail. Their research team does a great job in keeping Ducab abreast with reliable information on movements in the projects from inception to completion.

    Ashish Chaturvedy, Marketing Manager
  • I find MEED Projects the most accurate and up-to-date project data base in the MENA market. In our organization MEED is used on a daily basis by the sales team, to target and contact the right companies and the concerned person. At the management level, MEED Projects helps us with strategic future planning.

    Naghmeh Kavousi, Regional Sales Manager
  • MEED Projects is an invaluable source of information that gives us deeper insight into the project market. Not only is the data comprehensive, but also timely and reliable. It is undoubtedly one of the superior tools that provides such in-depth market intelligence on project activities in the region.

    Sana Kapadia, VP - Equity Research
  • MEED Projects is very useful, especially for the marketing department because it contains most projects to be issued, or in executing. You won't miss any good information on the projects you are expecting. Furthermore, the accuracy is so high that you can solely rely on MEED Projects when you do business in the MENA region.

    Kijung do Alfredo,
  • MEED Projects is an invaluable market intelligence source for our Group. Our business development teams use it on a daily basis to determine the status of current, pending and new projects across the region. There's no other service that provides the information MEED Projects does.

    Chris Gordon, Group General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Al Habtoor Leighton Group
  • A must have market intelligence tool for business development professionals.

    Adeel Abid,
  • The projects information is up to date and very informative.

    Hans Van Lier,
  • MEED Projects allows Saudi Aramco to effectively evaluate our capital resource program. In concentrated markets such as the Middle East, we have to compete harder to get the best resources. Having the complete MEED Projects package ensures we have full visibility of the projects market and the correct balance of contractors working on Saudi Aramco's projects.

    Minh Branton, Supervisor - Information Technology
  • MEED Projects has been a crucial to our navigation throughout financially difficult times. MEED Projects has allowed Unibeton to effectively forecast and align its growth strategy for the coming years in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The regular updates have increased our first to market advantage for new projects allowing Unibeton to properly match our environmental and technical products to project requirements.

    Robin P Jones, Director: Strategic Business Development & Marketing
  • MEED Projects is a very comprehensive and well organised market information source to monitor project developments in the region. Our business development teams use it to get timely updates on the opportunities in various sectors, enabling Schneider Electric to plan and focus in a better way.

    Irfan Mufti, Marketing Manager
  • MEED Projects helps us to identify business prospects in the region and analyse market trends. Their research team does a great job to keep us abreast with reliable information on movements in the projects from inception to its completion.

    Arnoud Kuis, Area Manager
  • If you want to find a project from its very early stage, you should use MEED Projects.

    Ahmad Koumaiha,
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