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All the tools you need to make strategic decisions

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Spending forecast

Carry out even more accurate forecasting and budgeting

The spending forecast shows the aggregate estimated cash that will be spent on the projects that match your search criteria.

  • Gain insight to the demand for materials, equipment, labour and services
  • Forecast project spend that aligns with an accurate budget

Award forecast

View new business opportunities, plan your next move

The Award Forecast tool uses the main contract award date and contract value to provide you with a schedule of future project awards.

  • Quantify the size of active business opportunities and develop strategic sales plans
  • Prioritise your focus to relevant markets and projects that fits your goals
  • Plan your resources more efficiently to cope with growing market opportunities

Market Index

Strategically decide the right time and place

The market index is the sum total of all projects in a particular country and sector at a particular point in time.

  • Apply the Market Index to support your future business growth strategy
  • It will assist you on deciding which sector or market your business should focus on

Custom Company Analysis

Target key companies to win contracts

This tool allows you to search for any company in the market and use the ranking analysis tool for three major roles – project owners, consultants and main contractors – to help in identifying and prioritising business opportunities.

  • Identify key companies that you want to approach and build relations with
  • Find out more about your competitors and how they are doing in the market
  • Increase an understanding of the competitive landscape for each company – with rations and key partnerships

Developer Rankings by Spending

Capitalise on your return on investment

The Developer Ranking aggregates the forecast spending on projects for each of the developers and ranks them accordingly.

  • Ranking reports will help your sales team identify the strong opportunities in the projects market
  • It will maximise your return on investment by helping you prioritise with relevant project information and key contacts

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