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    Dear MEED Projects customer, 

    MEED Projects is continually innovating by adding new features and value for our users.

    In 2019 we added several new features such as Potential Bidders and the Contacts Database as well of course as our new ​MEED Projects mobile app.

    In line with this, we are proud to announce the forthcoming upgrade of the MEED Projects platform to provide an even better service and value to our customers. Designed based on your feedback, this new-look website will be launched in the new year, with a specific date to be announced shortly.

    This ​page highlights some of the new features and provides an exclusive preview of the new look and feel of the redesigned site. If you have any questions about the new platform, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or reach out to me directly.

    Many thanks and all the best for your business in the year ahead.

    Ed James,
    Director of Content
    Dubai, December 2019

    If you are not MEED Projects subscriber yet, you can request a demo by clicking here

What's new

Familiar look and feel you are accustomed to

The new MEED Projects platform will continue to provide all the existing functions and features users will be familiar with. Usernames and passwords will be unchanged as will saved searches, favourites, and alerts. Existing users will have no problem switching onto the new platform as the key elements will maintain the familiar look and feel you are accustomed to.

Heat Map

Understand which countries offer the most opportunities

In addition to the familiar map on the Home Page, users will have a new option to create a Heat Map of projects by value and volume to understand which countries in the region offer the most opportunities and how they compare against each other.

Project news

Monitor and read news directly on MEED Projects

A major addition to MEED Projects will be the launch of our news service. No longer will you have to visit various websites to stay on top of market developments, instead you will be able to monitor and read news directly on MEED Projects. Even better, you can filter new stories by sector and stage to ensure you only get alerts for news that you are interested in. When news is directly related to a project profile, it will also appear on the profile allowing you to explore in more detail. Hundreds of news sources from around the region and world are monitored daily by our research team, letting us do this important work for you and freeing up your valuable time.

company rankings

We have created a new way to view companies by listing by value, location, region and project stage


View MEED Projects in multiple languages

Tired of always viewing websites in English and having to translate into your native tongue? Well now we have enabled the ability to view MEED Projects in multiple languages such as Arabic, Hindi, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. With over 30 languages supported, almost everyone will be able to use it in their preferred language.

Streamlined filters

User friendly filters

To enhance the user experience and make using the platform quicker and easier, we have streamlined the filters for each page to ensure that only the filters that can be applied to each page are used


We have improved our analysis features and graphics

Data across the site will be defaulted to 20 results to ensure more comprehensive analysis. Segmented data will now also be ‘hoverable’

track your queries

Now you can monitor the queries you send us

Every day the dedicated MEED Projects queries response team receives dozens of new client queries on projects. Now you can monitor the queries you send us by tracking what questions you’ve asked, when, and which have been answered

effective team work

Share notes and add to calendar

Have you ever wanted to share MEED Projects updates or news with your colleagues in another office? Well now you can with our new share notes and alerts feature. Any user will be able to share a note with another user in the same account in addition to creating a calendar entry to ensure a key event date like a tender deadline will never be missed again!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    These new, value-added features are just some of the many new and exciting elements we will be introducing in the New Year as part of our continuing efforts to improve our service and respond to your feedback. The below will answer most of your frequently asked questions, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

    1. When will the new website go live? We are expecting to launch the new website and features early in the new year. We will notify you in advance of the precise date.

    2. Will I have to change my username and password? No. Users will be able to log on to the platform with their existing usernames and passwords.

    3. What about my saved searches, favorites and email alerts? These will also be transferred to the new site and remain unaffected.

    4. Will there be an additional charge for the upgraded website? No. We are upgrading the MEED Projects website as part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best project tracking service and analytical tool. As part of this, we are always looking to improve its functionality and value for you based on your feedback.

    5. I don’t like the new design. Will I be able to still use the old website? It’s never easy adjusting when a website or software is updated, but we are fully confident you will immediately love the new design and therefore will be discontinuing the old website at the same time.

    6. What if I need help learning how to use the new tools and features? As always, all of our customers will be able to speak to their account managers if they have any issues. Our customer success team will also be ready to provide training where necessary, although we believe the new functions are very intuitive to use and you won’t need extra help. In addition, we will also be sending all our users new user guides and step-by-step videos to help them with the new site in advance of the launch.

      If you are not MEED Projects subscriber yet, you can request a demo by clicking here

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