1. WATCH LIVE | Wed, Nov 16, 2022 | The Middle East and Africa Hydrogen Projects Market Outlook and Review

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2. WATCH LIVE | Wed, Dec 14, 2022 | GCC Oil & Gas Megaprojects 2023

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We regularly record training videos and webinars for you to understand how our projects tracking and analysis tools can benefit your business. Below you will see the full list of videos that we recorded this year. Feel free to request a demo session with our sales representative and ask us any questions!

3. ON-DEMAND | MEED Projects PREMIUM TRACKING TOOLS training and Q&A session

From this video you will understand how to:
1. Get access to a macro-level summary of the projects market in each key country
2. Understand the major drivers, opportunities and challenges of each market
3. Access economic data and specific sector data focused on the Middle East in sectors such as telecoms, energy and transport
4. Combine and compare this data across sectors, markets and projects data to support your strategy and understand the market
5. Gain an alternative view of the market by going beyond contract awards and looking at the entire construction value chain
If you think that your business would benefit from the premium features of the MEED Projects platform, you can request a free demo and ask us any questions

4. ON-DEMAND | Access the latest MEED Projects webinar and Q&A session from 3rd June 2020

This is the latest update on the impact of COVID-19 and lower oil prices on the MENA Projects market. Using data from the MEED Projects database, we bring you the latest exclusive findings and analysis on the regional projects market. You will understand how the MENA market is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the collapsing price of crude.
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5. ON-DEMAND | Using MEED Projects tracking platform for LEAD GENERATION - webinar and Q&A session

This video training aims to provide useful tips and tricks on how to generate project leads, extract data and utilize key functionality on the platform. Watch it to remain up-to-date with the latest information and developments.
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6. ON-DEMAND | Understand the ANALYSIS TOOLS on MEED Projects tracking platform and perform advanced analysis

Watch this video and understand how to:
1. Carry out even more accurate forecasting and budgeting
2. View opportunities and win new business
3. Plan your next move and strategy
4. Strategically decide the right time and place
5. Target key companies and win new contracts
6. Capitalise on your return on investment ... and much more
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